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Robert Stephan Haircare Hyper Hold

Description:  This high powered gel has hyper-active holding strength for extreme styles. Use to spike hair and defy gravity with all day lasting power. Great for really cool style, or any stand out hair.

Price:  $10.99 

Robert Stephan Haircare Shine on Spray

Description:  Advanced, alcohol free, non oily formula gives you shine, shine, shine --- without added weight. Protects by actually seal the cuticle against moisture loss and fading color, and leaves a mirror like shine. Eliminates the frizzies and static electricity. 

Price:  $9.99

Robert Stephan Biochem Shampoo

escription:  A very gentle conditioning Shampoo formulated for the special needs of chemically-treated hair. 

Price:  $7.99

Robert Stephan Biogel Mousse

Description:  A uniquely different, alcohol free non earosol styling tool designed to give you the control of a gel in a conditioning mousse.

Price:  $14.99

Robert Stephan FIXture

Description: Provides hard hold finishing to set styles in place. When applied to wet hair, it works as a spray gel. Panthenol (provitamin B5) soften and conditions hair. Adds shine, brushes or combs out easily and may be reapplied without flaking or build-up. Recommended for all types of hair and styles, especially when extra holding power is needed. Humidity resistant. The hairspary is compliant with current California V.O.C requirements.

Price:  $8.99

Kortaplexx Conditioner

Description:  Fortifying protein helps prevent split ends and smoothes the hair cuticle. Panthenol add body to hair. An excellent spray-on detangler for long, permed or dry frizzy hair. Anti-static agents reduce fly-away hair,

Price:  $10.99

Biocare Conditioning Rinse
Description: This light daily conditioner helps to restore moisture. Smoothes and seals the hair's sensitive cuticle layer. Locks in nutrients and proteins vital for healthy hair. Special conditioning extracts will tame even the most unmanageable hair. Your hair will be more manageable, fuller shinier with every use.

Price:  $8.60

Dimensional Volumizing Shampoo
Description: A purifying shampoo that lets fine, thin and thinning hair experience the POWER of volumizing Body . Just wash it in. DIMENSIONAL VOLUMIZING SHAMPOO synergizes with vitamins and protein for weightless volume. Removes build up that can weigh hair down. A mix of natural botanicals works to extract excels oils and sebum build up that can clog hair follicles causing hair loss.

Price:  $8.50

Triple Action Clarifying Shampoo

Description:  All hair types will benefit from this weekly clarifying shampoo to remove build-up. A special botanical blend of citrus extracts and Witch Hazel along with special clarifying agents remove 3 types of build-up. 


Hyper Gloss

Description:  This highly concentrated gel will gloss, smooth and control hair. Its consitency and unique qualities help to lay down the hair cuticle creating a brilliant Shine. Makes hair glossy and silky feeling.

Price:  $11.95

Structure Extra Holding Spray

Description:  Perfect for any type of hair. A fast drying spray that provides EXTRA hold. Holds style all day long while allowing the freedom of movement. Remains brushable for restyling and reholding. Contains Panthenol to help moisturize and control Static. Resists 

Price:  $12.99

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